Born on the wrong side of the tracks and raised by a single mother on welfare, Zach dropped out of the eighth grade and was on the street at fifteen- rudderless, angry, and functionally illiterate. Then he discovered the healing power of the blues. Inspired by others who turned their hardships and heartbreak into transcendent music, Zach dreamed of one day walking in their footsteps, of rising above his own bitterness and despair, of telling his own story, and perhaps one day creating his own transcendent music.

Zach started playing semi-professionally in 1989. Since then he has played thousands of gigs, both as a bandleader and a solo artist. He’s worked with practically every musician involved in the Salt Lake City blues scene, and performing at almost every suitable venue in the Intermountain region. In 1999, Zach produced a low-budget demo CD intended to get the attention of booking agents and club owners. Ogden blues magnate Brad Wheeler convinced Zach to submit the recording to Blues Revue magazine and they responded very favorably. He made the blues his full-time job for the next three years, and has to date sold about 2,600 copies of the homemade disc.

In 2002, Zach relocated to Austin, Texas, the self-proclaimed “Live Music Capitol of the World.” Ironically, upon arrival in Austin Zach put the music business on hold, but he still performs once or twice a week on the hardscrabble Sixth Street blues scene, and he’ll be receiving a bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Texas early next year!




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