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Salt Lake City Weekly 24/7
"The Zach Parrish Blues Band is - you guessed it - a blues band that specializes in vintage, down 'n' dirty Delta stylings, led by fugitive-from-the-law Parrish's voice and guitar. One song and you're convinced this guy's been to hell and back, making your own life seem much nicer than you thought it was. It also takes only one tune to realize that Parrish is a mofo-virtuoso guitarist."
Bill Frost, May 1999

Salt Lake City Weekly Sound Affects
"Anyone who has ever encountered Zach Parrish live on the local stage has probably wondered why he doesn't have a record to sell. The difficulty is finally remedied with a new release by the Zach Parrish Blues Band. Don’t go searching for some yuppie-boomer, guitar-flash blues. Parrish can play, but he’s as comfortable with a bottleneck as he is with more urban techniques. 'Takin’ My Time' is timeless, spooky blues—dripping echo as if from melted Chess studio’s vinyl. 'She’s Righteous' is a complete tempo shift from slow and dangerous to jitterbug. 'I’m a Guitar Man' is obviously where Parrish shows off his Chicago guitar chops. Parrish fittingly returns to the country and a ripping instrumental to close things out. Who knew such a blues talent resided in the pretty, great state?"
December 1999

"First let's give credit where credit is due - Zach didn't do this album by himself. Brad Wheeler blows harp. Len Thomas plays drums. Tom Krug is on bass when Matt Parrish isn't. The live band may have changed since the recording but the recording remains incredible. This disc is down-and-dirty blues; it's gut-bucket blues, it's acoustic blues and it's country-blues played electric. The fact that such a recording came out of Salt Lake City still baffles me. Get a copy and boogie down."
William Athey, 2000

The Event
"Zach Parrish has been one of Salt Lake's best-known bluesmen for many years, and now his band has finally released it's first self-titled CD. Their music combines Delta and Chicago-style blues with even a little bit of New Orleans jazz-influenced train-track rhythms. Parrish sings and slings the six-string in an easy, laid-back style that isn't afraid to rock out at times. 'Guitar Pickin' Woman' utilizes some nice slide work, and on 'Howlin' Tomcat' Parrish howls with the best of them. Able sidemen, including Parrish's brother Matt on bass and Len Thomas on drums, keep the rhythm going."
BS, November 1999

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